How to have your most instagram worthy summer yet

Pool parties, beach days, flea markets, summer was basically made for adventures.  However, somehow every year it seems that we hit a slump in the summer where we wonder “What should I do?”  It definitely doesn’t help when it seems like everyone else is having the craziest summer ziplining across a beach in Cabo or attending sold out concerts front row.  Have no fear though you can still have an amazing instagram worthy summer right from where ever you are right now.  All you have to do is look around and trust you’ll find some fun somewhere or to speed things up you can just look at this list.

  1. Call the squad

    First things first, a key to having a great summer is having your friends by your side to make even the dumbest things the funnest.  Start a snapchat group or a text groupchat with some of your friends in it (remember the more the merrier.) Whenever you feel like an adventure send out a quick snap or text to the chat and see who wants to tag along or has any fun suggestions.  Plus everyone knows the best insta posts are the work of 7 friends taking 100 pictures getting all your best angles.


2. Throw a party

No better way to kick off the summer than a party!  If you have a pool break out the floaties and your best spotify playlist and your good to go.  If not throw a simple bonfire with s’mores, once again your best playlist and a couple of friends.  Guaranteed good time.

Our fav summer party insta posts:



3. Water Sports

We’ve all seen those photos of the kardashians on their jet skis on some exotic vacation, but surprisingly you can totally do this too in your  hometown.  A lot of beaches offer rentals for jetskis, paddle boards, wakeboards, etc. and they aren’t too expensive.  You can rent a jet ski starting at about $100 or a wakeboard for about $30.  If your interested in wakeboarding, but you don’t have a boat there are actually a lot of wakeboard parks where you can rent a wakeboard and they will attach you to a zipline like cable and pull you across the water on it.  Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound insanely fun.

Our fav summer water sport posts:




4. Outdoor movie theater

Outdoor movie theaters are actually the cutest thing to go to in the summer don’t even argue with me on this.  Fill your car with blankets, snacks, and some pals bam your good to go.  Don’t have an outdoor movie theater by you? Make your own!  In your backyard set up a white sheet as your screen and then a projector.  If you don’t have a projector you can actually make your own using a box and your phone (shout out to pinterest you da real OG).

Our fav posts:


5. Festivals

Music festivals are known to be super expensive *cough cough coachella* ,but a lot of festivals actually offer free admission certain days if you download their app or bring a soda can with their promotion on it.  For example, if you live near Milwaukee or are willing to make a drive summerfest offers free admission on 4th of July as long as you download their app and enter your email address.

Our fav festival posts



6.New Food

Yes food!!!!  Go with your friends and try a famous ice cream stand or a weird new food you’ve never had before.  Or try getting food you like in a new way. If you’re a cupcake lover Sprinkles has a cupcake atm (we really are living in the future) in multiple major cities across the US.  Most adorable food insta post ever? Maybe.

Our fav ig posts:






7. Get Fit

Go for a run, try kickboxing, swimming, anything just get moving!  There are so many pretty trails to explore on your bike or by foot during the summer.  Or you could try a fitness class.  A lot of places let you walk in for $5 and just try a class to see if you like it.

Fit babes:screenshot_20170626-074531.png



8.  Tye-Dye

Oh yes we’re throwing it back to those classic summer camp crafts.  Call the squad and tye dye whatever you want tees, socks, shorts, just go crazy.  Bonus points if you wear your own creation to a festival.



9.  Flea Market/Farmers market

Flea markets can be so weird, but so fun.  Usually their free to get into or they have a very low admission price of $5 per person.  Sometimes you can find really cute pieces here.  If not me and my friends always like to go around and see who could buy the weirdest items.

Farmers markets can also be super fun and you can pick up some yummy summer produce!




10. Beach!

When in doubt stick to the summer classic outing- beach day!  Pack the cooler, your bikini, and some pals and you’re good to go!






Have a great summer lovelies, until next time









Photo creds (in order as they appear): @taylorswift
















Featured image creds (from left to right): @hungryhipsters








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