Everything you need to know before you get a balayage




Long, beachy waves, with perfect sun-kissed blonde streaks seem to be all the trend this summer.  Everyone wants to look like a summer goddess that just walked off the beach.  To achieve this flawless summer hair look more and more people are getting a balayage.  However, a lot of people aren’t completely clear on what it is.  So, I myself being a balayage veteran thought I could clear it up and let everyone find out if the balayage is the look they’re looking for this summer.

First off lets just start off with the basics, so what is a balayage?


  1. a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

That’s right all a balayage is a a technique used to dye hair.  Hair stylists paint free-hand on the hair rather than using foil or something else.


2. Call a pro

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS AT HOME.  If you do you will most likely end up rocking less of a cute natural looking balayage and more of a hombre (Hombre- an obviously done at home ombre see example below).

Don’t think this is what you were going for huh?

So, to avoid a huge hair disaster call a professional please.

3.  Find the right salon

Now that we’ve determined that this is absolutely not a DIY project finding the right person to actually dye your hair is key.  If you have a salon that you know and trust then feel free to give them a call because chances are someone at the salon is trained in the balayage technique.  If you don’t know a particular salon you want to go to shop around.  Feel free to call lots of salons in your area asking about prices, availability, and experience.  Also be sure to look up the social medias of the salons you’re looking into.  Many of the hair stylists working their will post pictures of their recent work and this is a good way for you to see if their work is up to par.


4.  Don’t be cheap

Now you definitely don’t need to drop $500 to get a good balayage, but do be prepared to spend a decent amount of money.  Prices vary depending on how much hair you have, where you go, and the expertise of the stylist, but be prepared to pay at least $120.  If a salon gives you the option of a less experienced stylist for less if you really trust the salon feel free to take them up on their offer, but just to play it safe always try to opt for a more experienced stylist.  While they might cost a little bit more in the long run it will be worth it.


5.  Come prepared and know what you want

Most salons will have you come in for a consultation before you actually dye your hair.  This is where all of your pinterest and instagram stalking will pay off.  Have multiple pictures to show your what you want.  If there is something in the picture you don’t want be sure to point this out to your stylist.  Know how light you want your hair to be, whether or not you want dark roots, how light you want your ends to be, etc.  This way you can make sure you and your stylist are on the same page and you get the result you want.


Now that you’ve successfully gotten your first balayage go out a show off that new hair ;)!





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  1. Great post!!

    Would love it if you would check out my blog aestheticvogue.com 💖💖


  2. This so cool! I’ll definitely be recommending this to a good friend (she’s blonde but I’m not, lol). I think she could definitely rock this one! Keep up the good work!🙌🏽🌍👣🌴 Tonye 🌸


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