Must-have summer pieces

Ah it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog, but have no worries I’m back (I know you missed me).  I thought there would be no better way to come back into the blogging world then showing you guys what it’s my shopping cart this May.  I’ve been hardcore stalking online shops looking for the perfect pieces for this summer.  I’ve complied some of my favorite pieces and decided to share them with you below! Happy Shopping!

1. Jinx playsuit 



Floral is SO in this season and no better way to show off the season’s trends with an easygoing romper.  This is a very casual romper, but with the right pair of heels and jewelry you can get away with wearing this anywhere.

3.  Embroidered mini dress


Once again, this dress features a floral print, but a little more subtly.  Perfect for a summer party, plus against this white your tan will look 10x better ;).

4.Gone Coastal tee



Wildfox is basically known for summer themed clothes, so my wardrobe summer wardrobe really wouldn’t be complete without one of their pieces.  This fun top just screams beach day, so of course I had to add it to my bag.

4. Grommet Lace-up Tee


You would think by now we would all be tired of the lace up look, but I can’t get enough of this tee.  The simplicity of this tee is great for any casual summer day.

5.  Leather old Skool Weave DX



While summer is usually sandal season these sneaker were too cute to leave out.  While I love flip-flops as much as the next girl sometimes for summer adventure they aren’t the most practical.  Thats where these cool sneakers will definitely come in handy.  From festivals to parades to late night taco runs these sneakers will stay on for all of them and your feet will defenitly thank you.

6. Cameron street straw byrdie



This straw pattern just got me feeling those summer vibes.  Not to mention Kate Spade’s byrdie handbag is pretty decently sized, so you’ll have no problem fitting all your summer essentials into it.

7. Crescent & star ring



This little moon ring is the cutest thing.  It’s so dainty and I just can’t even.  It isn’t available yet, but you can preorder it and you can bet I was one of the first on the waiting list for this.

8. S’well rose gold bottle


You got to stay hydrated in the heat, so you might as well look cute with this water bottle while you do it!

10. fleur de jour mini


This boho peasant top dress is the exact laid-back summer look everyone is searching for.  Pair it with some strappy sandals and you’re set.




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