Spring Cleaning: Clothes you need to purge from your closet

As Spring rolls around it’s the perfect time for some spring cleaning.  This is a perfect time to get rid of all those old clothes from years ago that are taking up way too much precious closet space.  So, to help you guys out I made a list of pieces that it is definitely time to say goodbye to.

Anything that you’ll wear “as soon as I lose 10 lbs”

We all have those clothes that we swear we’ll look so good in as soon as we lose weight, grow a little taller, start going to the gym, go up a cup size,etc.  If you’ve owned a piece for more than one year and it still doesn’t look the way you want it to on you it’s time to say good bye.


white chicks

Those cotton camis from forever ago

I have no idea why I own so many of these, but apparently at some point in my life I was convinced I needed these $5 camis  in every color available.  These camis are honestly the most annoying thing ever (why are they so long, yet always end up turning into a crop top) its definitely time to pass these along.

spring cleaning 011.JPG


The jeans that are on their last leg

Once the little belt thing starts to rip from pulling your jeans up too much it’s time to move on.  It is also time to get better fitting jeans.

spring cleaning 005.JPG


That “hilarious t-shirt”

Sorry Kanye.


spring cleaning 024.JPG

The shoes that ALWAYS give you blisters

They may be cute, but is it really worth it?




Your really cute shirt with the stain on it


I know you love this shirt, but no matter how many times you wash it those stains aren’t going to come out.  There’s no point in keeping it because c’mon what occasion are you going to wear your shirt with the foundation stain all around the neck?

spring cleaning 007.JPG


That dress that was really trendy

The key word in this sentence is was.

cheetah print


Your trusty supply of peplum tops

If you can rock peplum tops then go for it, but I most definitely cannot.  Too many 2012 flashbacks man.


spring cleaning 016.JPG

Trust me after you get rid of these items your closet will thank you.





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