Your Spring Break Swimsuit Guide

It seems like we’re finally at the end of dreary winter weather, and spring is starting to make an appearance.  Of course with spring comes spring break, a glorious time to take a break from school and work to lay on the beach, hang with friends, party, and hang out on the beach some more.  This is a basically a week that you are going to be living in your swimsuit.  Now you can’t be hanging out on the beach in the same basic bikini you bought last year that you’ve seen 10 other girls wearing within the first 5 minutes of you being there.  No need to worry though because I’ve got a list of the cutest swimsuits bound to make all eyes on you this spring break.

Crochet Bikinis

Now if you’ve been paying any attention to the newest trends of 2017 you’ll notice that the crochet bikini is HUGE right now.  It all started with the kiini crochet bikinis that cost around $300 for a top and bottom.  If your anything like me $300 might be just a little bit out of the budget for 1 bikini, so I’ve found some look-alikes that are just as cute as the original.

  1. (Top left corner) Blue crochet bikini $42.99 2. White and black stitched bikini $22.56  3. Blue and pink flamingo stitched bikini $3.82  4. White rainbow crochet bikini $31   5. Ribbon trim black bikini top $38  6. Dark blue and black stitched bikini $27.95 7. aqua knit bikini $44   7. Blue stitch me up bikini top $27.95   8. Black and white stitch me up bikini top $21.95

Fun Bikinis

Patterns, frills, and bright colors whats not to love?!

(Starting from the top left and going across) 1. Confetti Garden- pink poise $79 2. Beach babe bikini in crochet print 46.95 3. Royal blue watercolor haltertop 2 piece swimsuit $20.25 4. Patterened triangle swimtop $24.95 5. Strappy pullover highneck swim top $34.95 6. Pink pushup trianle top $36.95  7.White royal blue color block push up 2 piece swimsuit $20.25 8. Pink frill bardot bikini top $32 9. Minkpink enchanted forest cupid underwire bikini top $49

Black Bikinis

Forget little blacks dresses, little black bikinis are all your going to need this spring break.

1. L.A Hearts Lace trim pushup bikini top $39.95 2. Rythm my underwire halter bikini top $55 3. Black scallop triangle bikini top $22 4. Strappy off the shoulder swimtop $29.95 5. Classic surf fixed triangle bikini top $34 6. Black halter bikini top $15


In the past year the one-piece has made a comeback in a major way.  These defenitly aren’t your mom’s one-pieces.  Strappy backs, high cut bottoms, and low cut fronts define these swimsuits.

1.Asos crossback highleg swimsuit 2.Pink lace-up one-piece $49.95 3.California waves summer vibes one-piece swimsuit macy’ 4.Jerry Hall Halter one-piece blush $52.92  5. Parasise island redcross back one-piece $58 6. Clean bandeau swimsuit $25

Now that you have found the perfect swimsuit all you have to do is wait for Spring break to come. Comment your spring break plans below!




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